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Lladro | Haute Allure Sweet Elegance Woman Figurine. Limited Edition

SKU: B25513



H: 39 cm | W: 15 cm | L: 15 cm


Limited edition matte porcelain figurine of a woman in a sea green dress decorated with floral appliques and a yellow base unifying the piece. Sweet Elegance is a porcelain figurine inspired by Italian fashion of the 1950s and their cheerful summer frocks. In that decade, after the austerity of the war years, women wanted to express their sensuality again, but always tastefully and modestly. In matte finish porcelain. The aquamarine green dress is gathered at the waist with a floral application in candy colours, inspired by the gardens of the Alhambra. The floral decoration consists of 54 leaves, 56 buds, 28 roses with 5, 7, 10, and 14 petals, 5 sprays, and 70 decorative seeds. For elegant settings, Sweet Elegance is a Limited Series, available to only 300 people worldwide, so its value should increase over time. It includes a High Porcelain certificate which certifies the authenticity of the piece.