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Lladro | Panther Amber Figurine

SKU: B16110



H : 8.6 cm | W : 6.3 cm | L : 23 cm


Each “Panther” sculpture by Daum is produced by hand by the experienced glass artists of the traditional French manufactory. The manufacturing process is like a firework of craftsmanship: This applies for all the work steps from the preparation of the plaster mould to the first wax model and the final crystal glass object, which then receives its unique polish. The panther is a powerful and beautiful animal with a very charismatic aura. It moves with its slender shape in an extremely graceful way, especially when it sneaks up on its prey. The sculptures by Daum embody this impressive animal to perfection. The “Panther” sculptures by Daum are made by hand from a single crystal glass paste and are therefore completely unique. Enclosed small air bubbles are a sign of this special manufacturing process.