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Founded in 2004, L’OBJET was born at intersection of meticulous craftsmanship and timeless sensibility. Today, the brand continues to set standards in the luxury lifestyle industry, while still employing many of the same craftspeople whom Elad met on his early travels.
Elad’s collections extend and exceed traditional craftsmanship, through effort and imagination, to create a new echelon of modern artistry. A passion for innovation – in both technique and the use of high-quality materials – infuses everything he creates. Each collection is rich in detail and unmatched in quality.

The hand-crafting techniques used and the exquisite pieces they produce are unique to the world. Jewelry-making techniques are employed to create the most intricate photo frames; bespoke plaster molds are used that are so fine they can cast only fifteen pieces each; porcelain is teased and shaped by hand as it dries to create exquisite texture; and dinnerware is gilded three times in 24K gold to achieve the perfect glow. Clients who come to L’OBJET quickly discover that luxury is not determined by what an object costs, but instead by what it is worth.

L’OBJET creates designs for the home that are both luxurious and functional works of art, crafted with the highest degree of excellence and quality. The proprietary techniques used set L’OBJET apart from all others. Every piece bearing the mark of L’OBJET has been touched by the hand of an artisan, many using techniques that have been passed down for generations.


The fine sculptural and textural details that are a trademark of L’OBJET are created entirely by hand. Pieces are slip-cast from fine porcelain, some using bespoke plaster molds so delicately detailed that they can cast only fifteen pieces in their lifetime. Hand-assembly often includes architectural manipulation of the materials using techniques unique to L’OBJET. Porcelain is teased and shaped by hand as it dries to create exquisite texture. Dinnerware is gilded three times in 24-karat gold and Platinum to achieve the perfect glow. The level of detail and subtlety of texture evident in L’OBJET signature porcelain pieces are achievable only through specialized, hand-crafted productions.


Employing expert silversmithing techniques, L’OBJET works with artisans to create fine metal pieces for tabletop, desktop and home décor with weight, elegance and exceptional practicality. Emulating centuries of fine jewelry design and techniques, intricate gold and platinum photo frames are finished with beveled glass, satin lining and Italian leather and suede backs. High-quality hollowware pieces are hand-forged from polished stainless-steel and plated with brilliant 24K gold details. Innovative combinations of materials pair fine metals with cabochons, enamel, Swarovski crystals, and porcelain accents to comprise a collection rich in texture.