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Lladro | Haute Allure Sophisticated Elegance Woman Figurine. Limited Edition

SKU: B25534



H: 37 cm | W: 15 cm | L: 15 cm


Limited edition, matte porcelain figurine of a woman in an elegant, dark blue dress with an accent at the neck and a light pink base unifying the piece. Sophisticated Elegance is a porcelain figurine inspired by French fashion from the 1920s, which were marked by draped dresses outlining the female figure. The trend began in 1918, after World War I, when women were finally freed from their corsets and a tubular silhouette became fashionable. The figure recaptures the style of evening gowns in the inter-war period. In matte finish porcelain. The long dress, all in dark blue, contrasts with the light tone of the skin. The floral stole consists of 108 roses with 9, 11, 14, 16, and 19 petals. Limited Serie, available to only 300 people worldwide, so its value should increase over time. It includes a High Porcelain certificate which certifies the authenticity of the piece. The light pink porcelain base is an integral part of the piece.