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Exclusive Baccarat Dining Experience and Product Unveiling at J.J.A Restaurant Presented by Elite Grahacipta and St Regis Jakarta

Jakarta, 31st January 2024.

Experience the exclusive ambience of Baccarat private dining and product unveiling at J.J.A Restaurant Presented by Elite Grahacipta and St Regis Jakarta on February 1-29, 2024 in private room with capacity to accommodate up to 24 guests.

Elite Grahacipta is a company specializing in home furnishings and an authorized dealer of the Baccarat brand in Indonesia. Elite Grahacipta collaborates with J.J.A Restaurant St. Regis to offer a unique Baccarat dining experience that combines its culinary expertise with the elegance and beauty of Baccarat crystalline glassware with a beautiful concept in table decoration in its Private Dining Room.

”This collaboration aims to encourage individuals to explore the beauty of crystalline glassware by engaging with it through touch, experiencing its texture, and viewing it as an integral part of their daily lives. The intention is to shift away from the notion of storing these items in cabinets solely for special occasions”, said Mrs L. Shinta, Founder of Elite Grahacipta.

Through these partnerships, the goal is to make Baccarat crystal collections more accessible, allowing a broader audience to appreciate and seamlessly integrate them into their everyday living and lifestyle.

The exclusive dining space, adorned with the distinctive pieces from Baccarat Crystal, will provide an intimate setting for special occasions, celebrations, and exclusive corporate events. Guest will enjoy the exceptional culinary creations from J.J.A Restaurant, skillfully prepared amidst the enduring beauty and craftsmanship of various Baccarat Crystal elements such as glassware, vases, candle holders, table decorations, fresh flowers, and many more. It still continues to innovate and be up to date in collaboration with world-renowned designers such as Philippe Starck, Thomas Bastide, Stéphanie Coutas, Jaime Hayon, Arik Levy, Mathias and Marcel Wanders.

In welcoming the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day in February 2024, Elite Grahacipta unveils its newest Baccarat collection, designed to enhance and complete these festive moments such as flower vases; Octogone Vase, Louxor Round Vase, Eye Rectangular Vase, Loux Vase, Eye Vase, Ginkgo Vase Solar Dragon, Louxor Photo Frame, Couple Glasses; Louxor Vodka Glass, Harcourt 1841 Coupe Set, Harc-glass 2 Set, JCB Passion Wine Glass, Passion-Wine Glass, Passion Champagne Flute Set, Bearbrick Dragon 2024, Zodiaque Dragon Gold 2024 and  Zodiaque Dragon Clear 2024.










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About Elite Grahacipta:

Elite Grahacipta has been selling exceptional home furnishings since 1977. Originally started as a private hobby, Elite Grahacipta has evolved into a dedicated provider of unique, high-quality choices for home interiors. Offering access to the world’s leading interior brands, including Baccarat, Daum, Lladro, L’Objet, Mariner, Casamilano, Ambella Home, and Italamp, Elite Grahacipta remains committed to delivering designs that meet the highest standards of both style and lasting value. The journey of Elite Grahacipta’s success, spanning almost a half of a century, is a testament to the ongoing dedication of those who have contributed to its prosperity.


About Baccarat:

Baccarat is a French luxury brand internationally renowned as a leader in high-end and exclusive crystal products. Since its foundation in 1764, the company, based in Baccarat in the Lorraine region of Eastern France, has symbolized a unique savoir-faire and an inimitable French Art de Vivre. The brand has inspired leading designers worldwide for 260 years, offering iconic lighting, unique tableware, decorative objects, fine jewelry, and tailor-made flacons and even though baccarat is 260 years old.


About J.J.A:

J.J.A Restaurant at The St. Regis Jakarta is a renowned establishment known for its exceptional cuisine focusing on premium ingredients and elevated service. With a commitment to culinary excellence, J.J.A offers a memorable fine dining experience that combines innovative flavors with artistic presentation.

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