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Year of the Dragon set. Limited Edition

SKU: B27090


H:13 W:24 L:24 cm

We are celebrating the Chinese New Year / Lunar New Year with an exclusive pack containing two creations — the Dragon sculpture and a scented candle with a dragon on the lid, both with a unique decoration with golden motifs — and six New Year envelopes. The animal ruling over 2024, the dragon symbolizes power, energy, honor and good fortune. According to tradition, the Year of the Dragon is believed to be a year of transformation, growth and abundance. Our artists have reproduced this zodiac sign in a sculptural creation that combines conceptual design with traditional colors like red and gold. The dragon’s head and the recipient for the candle are specifically decorated for this pack with an exclusive golden motif. A decorative piece with a home fragrance with the Gardens of Valencia scent. A special set created in a limited edition of 288 units.