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Baccarat | Sfera Ceiling Lamp

SKU: B22342



H: 21 cm | W: 14 cm


‘sfera’ ceiling lamp by michele de lucchi.

The ‘sfera’ collection by italian designer michele de lucchi for french crystal manufacturer baccarat transcends the elegant material at its very core. while paradoxically invisible, the details of each of the lamps are inescapable, the crystal bulbs simulatneously diffusing and receiving magnified light even as they diffract.

‘sfera’ resides in the alchemy of skilled layering. its design is influenced by the first injection of air a glassblower makes into a mass of molten glass, the spherical globe imprisoning and shielding within it a variation on the form of a baccarat decanter. switched on, the bulb dissolves inside the vessel as the contained becomes the containing, in a two-way exchange between matte and glossy finishes. as a ceiling, floor or table lamp, the shadows of ‘sfera’ mingle and produce a brilliantly defracted light.