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Baccarat | Latitude Vase

SKU: B20450


H : 44 cm


Renowned as the world’s leading manufacturer of fine crystal, Baccarat is also the most inventive. For centuries, the company-founded in France in 1764-has coupled tradition with innovation. Now, it has opened its studio doors to an artist in another medium, the celebrated New York interior designer Vicente Wolf, and the result is the new Latitude collection. Collaborating with Baccarat’s expert craftsmen, Wolf explores the properties of crystal-a vessel of light so pure that the very word defines clarity. It is the most immaterial of materials. But Wolf suffuses his spaces with another form of immateriality, cultural memory. Wolf is a traveler who prefers the paths less taken. He is in pursuit of authenticity, still to be found in all the various customs and traditions of people who live close to nature.

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