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Lladro | Hero to rescue Boy Figurine

SKU: B26543



Height : 37 cm | Width : 16 cm | Length : 16 cm

Sculptor : José Santaeulalia


A lovable creation of our favorite heroes, made in white matte porcelain with touches of glaze. Mask and base in red.

Children’s imagination has no limits. They can transform themselves into superheroes with makeshift costumes. All it takes are some wellington boots, a bathing costume or a tutu and perhaps a towel for a cape and then they are ready to save the world with their super powers. And so they become the cutest little heroes in the house, capable of making magic when they daydream. The finish in white matte porcelain with touches of glaze enhances the wealth of detail in these fun-loving creations. The masks and the stands, in matching tones, provide the note of color.