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Lladro | Dalí Sculpture (Limited Edition)

SKU: B26775


H: 42 cm | W: 29 cm | L: 23 cm


This piece depicts Salvador Dalí. The unique Spanish artists is portrayed with his unmistakable and exuberant personality. A tribute to one of the most charismatic and unrepeatable creators of our time. Made in matte white porcelain, golden and copper lusters were chosen for the decoration. They are applied, for instance, in the daffodils the painter was so fond of, which crown his unmistakable moustache. A note of distinctive color is added with the bright red used to paint the lobster he is wearing on his lapel, another recurring element in Dalí’s work. The daffodils, handmade petal by petal, and the lobster are added to the piece by means of a system of magnets. The latter also comes with a hook that enables it to be used as a brooch.

Dalí was one of the maximum exponents of Surrealism, an art movement that was and still is an expression of freedom through which human beings can express themselves beyond reason, where the limits between reality and dreams are blurred. He turned himself into a character and with his powerful works full of dreamlike images he took artistic creativity to its ultimate consequences, breaking the barrier between sanity and madness.

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